In Honor of St. Augustine


After yesterdays’ Mass for the students and board examinees, I have come to realized that there is a need to build a website for St. Augustine of Bay, Laguna.

There are students from other places who came to honor him and ask for his intercessions. This is also an additional load on my part but it is also my apostolate for the promotion of devotion not only to him but also for other saints (see my other blog on biography of saints) and part of my work as the parish priest of whom he is the patron saint.

After yesterdays’ Mass two young students of medicine approach me and told me that they heard this from their aunt who happened to attend to San Antonio De Padua Parish in Pila, Laguna for one of the Mass I officiated. I announced there concerning the celebration of the Holy Eucharist for the intention of students specially the board examinees. They came from Manila. With that short period of time, they came here to ask for prayer so that they may strenghten them and give them some wisdom. What make me moved is that short period of time of which they have been able to received the information and yet they go for it because they really need some help. “They are like a sheep without a shepherd” as I borrow the words of Jesus Christ.

There is a need to address this longing, And the devotion to St. Augustine is an aid to fill that need.