Since January 16, 2007, the day I arrived in this parish, St. Augustine, Bay, Laguna, I have planned to make a web site or weblog about the parish and of St. Augustine. But because of lack of time due to adjustments, schedules and for some other sites i have planned to create before I arrived here of which has realized just recently. Some of my blogs ( Click here to see my other blogs) were not updated as scheduled.

It was yesterday that the planned promotion of the devotion to St. Augustine kicked through with a simple celebration of the Holy Eucharist. It was known to some of the parishioners and devotees of St. Augustine that every Holy Wednesday another mass is held for the intention of students and those who would like to take the board exams. It was not recorded nor any existing record about the said activity but according to some it stopped for more than 10 years from now.

I am keeping it back for the promotion of the devotion to St. Augustine as the Patron Saint of the parish and as a thrust to address the present problems of students and those taking the board exams.

The recent scandals that haunted the Philippine education system due to some anomalies between the board examineers on giving leakages of the exams have affected not only the educational face of the nation but the very soul of the educators and students.

The devotion to St. Augustine, as one of the four great Latin doctors of the Catholic Church is an aid to give hope and strength to the students as well as to the educators.


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